Month: September 2011


 On Thursday, Sept. 22, Vent-A-Hood hosted the first HOODSTOCK event and the pictures tell the story: click here. It was some serious fun. The company partnered with the local chapter of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) to welcome chapter members, kitchen designers and appliance dealers from around the area. And in true HOODSTOCK fashion, many dressed in their 1960s best. The karma for peace, love and hoods was overflowing. There were even HOODSTOCK t-shirts and bandannas for guests to take with them to remember the event. HOODSTOCK had a band set up in the parking lot of Vent-A-Hood’s headquarters as well as some delicious Texas BBQ.  Dealers could walk through the Vent-A-Hood showroom and see almost 80 years of company history as they enjoyed the music of The Mutual Minds. Everyone had a great time and learned more about Vent-A-Hood and the NKBA.


Chris Maher testimonial

This post I would like to hi-light Chef Chris Maher. Chris is an actor and has appeared in several movies. He also happens to be a fantastic chef. Chris has a love for food and cooking, especially his own cooking. In the past, Chris owned a restaurant. He also teaches a cooking class for Southern Methodist University alumns at the Taos Cultural Institute. The annual SMU-in-Taos trip runs for one weekend every summer. Chris started teaching the cooking class a few years back, and his list of admirers is long. However, we don’t just admire Chris for his food. We admire him because he has been a proud Vent-A-Hood owner for 9 years. He has a Vent-A-Hood inside his house and a Vent-A-Hood  outside on his patio. To say the least, he is a big fan of our product! When Chris was asked why he chose Vent-A-Hood, his response was, “The quiet operation was number one for me.” Psst. That’s experience talking. He’s also a cook who appreciates form and function, adding that he likes “the efficiency, the aesthetics and the reputation of the brand in the marketplace.” When Chris was asked if he would recommend a Vent-A-Hood to his family or friends he responded that he would. In fact, he has sold several of his friends on our product already! And with the quality and installation of his hoods, Chris has not had any problems. Ah, exceeding expectations is what we like to hear. Just how much, you ask? Well, although Chris said his range hoods have not required service, our very own CEO Skip Woodall was kind enough to install new light bulbs in one of the products himself. No wonder Chris feels that Vent-A-Hood is a trustworthy company. He loves that we have a good product that will last for many years to come. And at Vent-A-Hood, we love hearing about people who have recommended our range hoods to friends and family. Thank you, Chris.

A tribute to Miles Woodall Jr.


In this post I would like to make as a tribute to Miles Woodall Junior. You may ask who is he, and why is he so important? Well, he started out working at Vent-A-Hood in 1938 when he was recruited by his uncle, Carr P. Collins, to head up the headquarters of an innovative new business that would manufacture and sell range hoods. He led that innovation to the point that this not-so-common appliance grew into the industry standard for modern homes across North America. He was named to the Kitchen and Bath Hall of Fame, and he continued to serve as the chairman emeritus at Vent-A-Hood Company until his death in 2006.  Today, would have been his 96th birthday, and I thought we would take time to honor him today. As you walk into Vent-A-Hood’s headquarters you will see his picture hanging near the doorway as a constant reminder of a great man who not only shaped the beginnings of Vent-A-Hood, but also the kitchen cooking ventilation at-large, to make the sector what it is today.


Peace, Love and Hoods! At the end of September we at Vent-A-Hood are hosting HOODSTOCK! Hoodstock is an event that is open to all of our dealers and kitchen designers free of charge. Delicious food, live music and good conversation will be had by all. At this event our dealers and kitchen designers will have the opportunity to look through our showroom and see the latest and greatest designs that Vent-A-Hood has to offer. The local chapter of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) will be meeting before our event starts. We will follow up this post with pictures and news from event. Join us.