Month: October 2011

The Test of Time

A 1950's working Vent-A-Hood from a family in Kyle, Texas

Recently, a family in Kyle, Texas was replacing 100% of their appliances in their kitchen.  All except for a 1951 Vent-A-Hood.  That’s right. The range hood still works!  And the vintage chic look is hard to miss, too.  How many things can you say that about?  We at Vent-A-Hood love to get this kind of news. So, when word came through that this 100 year-old home was undergoing a remodel, we were quite proud to know that no remodel was needed for the retro-style range hood. Those are the Made-In-America success stories that give meaning to what we’ve done at Vent-A-Hood for 78 years and counting. Our goal has always been about form and function. And we’re glad to know how that focus has paid off.


It’s so EZ to clean the hood!

This is a follow up to our July post about the EZ clean tray. The EZ clean tray provides a  place where excess cooking  grease  can be deposited.  The EZ clean tray is stainless steel and fits right under the Magic Lung. The location makes it easy to dispose the grease that is captured from heavy cooking. The EZ clean tray can be applied to any existing Vent-A-Hood canopy, and can be used in bot inside and outside hoods. This 6 inch extension fits any 24 inch or 27 inch design. The EZ clean tray was created for you to have the best experience with our product.

As big as Texas!

Yes, we like to do things big in Texas. Maybe that’s what drove the ambition and entrepreneurial genius that started Vent-A-Hood some 78 years ago in the Lone Star State.  And it’s alive and well today. We’re in the midst of the Texas State Fair right now, one of the largest fairs in the country. And it brings back memories for us at Vent-A-Hood each fall as well. The Texas State Fair is celebrating its 125th anniversary now.  And across those years, the event has been about more than just carnival rides and the prize pig.  The fair has also been a platform to introduce great things to the masses. In 1942, the world met the corny dog!  In 1956, Elvis was a young entertainer who brought his music to Cotton Bowl. Many people got their first taste at long-distance direct dialing on the telephone at, where else, the Texas State Fair.  And, yes, in the 1960s Vent-A-Hood even had a booth at the fair. We knew we were onto something with the creation of the modern indoor residential range hood. It wasn’t just an appliance for the rich and famous. Our production was growing, and we were providing an important feature that could be found in more and more homes across the land. No idea was too big for the fair or for us.  In 1985, the fair unveiled a 212-foot ferris wheel — the biggest in North America.  And it remains a figure of pride. We love building upon big ideas at Vent-A-Hood too, which is why we continue to prosper and the Vent-A-Hood name continues to adorn the most beautiful kitchens around. Innovation is what drives us, and big ideas are embraced. We love celebrating history, and we love defining it too. Now, let’s go eat a corny dog!

Distributor spotlight: Pinnacle Express, Inc.

Distributor Spotlight: This month, Vent-A-Hood is proud to introduce to you one of the newest member of the Vent-A-Hood family, Pinnacle Express, Inc. Pinnacle was selected to represent the Vent-A-Hood brand on January 1, 2011, and has made a great impact with our product in North Carolina, South Carolina and the southern part of Virginia. Pinnacle Express is based in Haines City, Florida, and has been in the kitchen and bath industry since 1980. Pinnacle specializes in high end lines which also shows in their enthusiasm for the Vent-A-Hood product line and the impact they’ve made in the market in rapid fashion. Since January Pinnacle has made a huge difference in a short 9 months and their year-to-date sales are up. In the past 3 months Pinnacle has exceeded their goals by 21%-27 %. Also, their budgeted goals are up 110.54% and their year-to-date sales are up 18.03 % with the Vent-A-Hood line. We are very happy with the job that they are doing and, like their name implies, we’re reaching the pinnacle of business together in our relationship to deliver great things to a great region. To learn more about Pinnacle please click on there website here.