Month: January 2012

seeing is believing part 1

In 2012 we are proud to announce our new 5 year warranty on our products. Please click on 5 year warranty video below to learn more about this amazing warranty!

5 year warranty video


“A school lesson on painting the business”

We spruced up the plant at Vent-A-Hood with a new coat of paint on the building.  Well, it’s a new coat of the same color. And that begs the question we get so often: “How come your building is orange?”  A true Texan would answer that with a correction: “You mean burnt orange.”  Our building pays homage to the school colors for The University of Texas, the very place attended by the late Miles Woodall, Jr., past president and CEO and former Chairman of the  Board for Vent-A-Hood. Miles was recruited to run the family-owned business in 1938. He remained a Texas Longhorn thru and thru, and his loyalty for his university stayed with him into the business world.  When a new Vent-A-Hood manufacturing plant was constructed in its current location in Richardson, Texas, in 1962 and a color was needed, Miles had the perfect one in mind = burnt orange.  To Miles up in Heaven and to all of the other great Longhorns out there, we’d like to say: Hook ‘em, horns!

Vent-A-Hood and The United Way

The United Way of Dallas has a motto to “empower the North Texas Community
to change people’s lives forever.” For the website press here.  One thing we
strongly believe in at Vent-A-Hood is the importance of community. That’s
why Vent-A-Hood has been teaming up with The United Way for the past several
years. “Donating to The United Way has been special to Vent-A-Hood. We
believe, through the help of The United Way, we can make a positive
difference in someone’s life,” said Blake Woodall, vice president of
Vent-A-Hood. This past December, representatives from The United Way talked
with Vent-A-Hood employees about their program, and Vent-A-Hood was proud to
announce that the company would match dollar for dollar what employees
donated. We are very excited to be able to help out such a great cause.
We look forward to working with The United Way in the future. If you would
like to learn more about The United Way, please go to