Month: February 2012

Vent-A-Hood Display Units

Since launching its high-end displays to distributors in 2009, Vent-A-Hood’s displays have been featured in showrooms across North America in a custom look of white cabinetry that proved popular. The high-end display fixtures continue to drive sales as Vent-A-Hood hit 200 new displays since the beginning of 2010. Starting January of this year, Vent-A-Hood signature displays are also available in a classic cherry finish. The new display line in cherry finish offers dealers the option to showcase a more traditional look in their showrooms. The attractive display cabinets feature elegant crown molding and complement every dealer’s showroom space. The stylish displays include the popular single, double and triple units in addition to a free-standing island unit that will require no showroom wall. Each display can be outfitted with range hood canopies and designs from Vent-A-Hood to suit the design preferences for the region. As a result of the demand for the display units, Vent-A-Hood will continue to offer its assistance through its rebate program to contribute in the growth of showroom space in 2012. To order your unit or for more information, please contact the Vent-A-Hood sales team.




Expanded Territory


Since 1998, VAH Distributing, has been the distributor of Vent-A-Hood products within Texas, Oklahoma, and Lousiana. And today, VAH Distributing is proud to announce the expansion of its staff as well as its direct territory. As a division of Vent-A-Hood Ltd., VAH Distributing will now serve appliance dealers in Kansas and Missouri. Along with this appointment Vent-A-Hood has hired Jennifer Ebert as the regional account manager for both Kansas and Missouri. Jennifer comes from the luxury appliance department of a well known retailer and brings with her many years of experience in working with consumers, designers, builders, and architects. Jennifer is currently going through extensive training at Vent-A-Hood Headquarters. She will be contacting dealers within the next few weeks to set up appointments and training opportunities. Jennifer resides in her territory and will be able to travel between Kansas and Missouri, working closely with dealers to assist with their Vent-A-Hood needs. For more assistance or information please call Vent-A-Hood at 888-557-8368 or email us at




Valentines post

Valentines day is tomorrow. Are you wondering what you should get your significant other? Why not give a gift that is soft as a whisper?  “A Vent-A-Hood is so quiet that you can have a conversation in your kitchen.”, says Vent-A-Hood Vice President, Blake Woodall. So why don’t you click here to check out the Vent-A-Hood website to design a hood or check out find your nearest dealer.

Nice touch

Coming soon to a Vent-A-Hood display near you: The interactive touch screen. In a world of iPads and smart phones, why not a “smarter” range hood display? Vent-A-Hood has unveiled an interactive touch screen that mounts to any of its signature single, double and triple unit displays. The new screen encourages customers to investigate distinctive features related to the company’s superior products, elevating the showroom shopping experience to a whole new level. The new touch screens include sections on “Quietest Brand,” “Easiest to Clean,” and “Best Warranty,” and each topic is activated with the touch of a finger.

“We’re a society that loves gathering information. And when it comes to making purchases, consumers like being in control of the process,” said Blake Woodall, vice president of Vent-A-Hood. “Now we have transferred that experience to the appliance showroom with the new Vent-A-Hood touch screen.”

The company is offering the touch screen as an optional feature to new Vent-A-Hood displays being added to showrooms across North America. In addition, the touch screen is an upgrade that can be installed on existing units.


Distributor of the month: Choice Brands

This month we are highlighting Choice Brands, a leading distributor of appliances headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Choice Brands has been a distributor of Vent-A-Hood products since 2003. Choice Brands was excited about the opportunity to distribute a great line of range hoods, most notably because of the reputation that comes with Vent-A-Hood and the company’s made-in-America heritage. On top of that success comes modern-day service! Choice Brands was drawn to the ability to customize hoods at Vent-A-Hood to deliver customers that individual attention. The most common type of hood that Choice Brands sells is the 18 inch wall mount hood. Anna Johnson, of Choice Brands, says one of her favorite hoods – which also happens to be in her house — is the  NPH18236SS. She loves it  because of the rounded lip on the canopy. Choice Brands distributes to: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Business is good. In December 2011, Choice Brands had the largest sales increase for the month. Buyers make a “choice” when purchasing a product backed by quality and performance that is made in America. And that’s one thing Choice Brands likes most about the Vent-A-Hood name.