Month: March 2012

Distributor of the month: Meadow Creek Sales

This month we are highlighting Meadow Creek Sales. Meadow Creek Sales is located in Denver, Colorado, and has been in business since 1984. Meadow Creek Sales began distributing Vent-A-Hood products in 1996 and was drawn to the company because it is a brand they believe in. Vent-A-Hood  has become one of the main product lines for Meadow Creek. Liners continue to be one of the top-selling products. Customers have also been drawn to the Vent-A-Hood display as they walk into Meadow Creek Sales, which highlights the Designer Series. Similarly, Meadow Creek Sales has seen a surge in custom hood orders recently –  in particular, hammered copper antique hoods.Distributing a product that is made in America from a family-owned business is important to Meadow Creek Sales. Dick Baur, owner of Meadow Creek Sales, says ” the entire buying experience, beginning with customer service and ending with the final product and everything in between, is something that continues to impress Meadow Creek Sales.” At Vent-A-Hood, we have the highest standards when it comes to customer service, designing and manufacturing a product that brings lasting satisfaction. In return, a distributor like Meadow Creek Sales can pass on that experience to everyone it serves. Meadow Creek Sales distributes to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Southern Idaho. If you would like more information on Meadow Creek Sales, please visit their site by clicking here.


Spring Remodeling


It’s that time of the year again when a look around the house gives you
spring remodeling fever. Remodeling your home is a great way to give it
that breath of fresh air, while also boosting its
market value. This spring, consider remodeling the focal point of your
home-the kitchen. Kitchen remodels are the smartest investment you can
make in your home, typically fetching upwards of 80% return on investment,
according to realtors today. First impressions are important, so
contemplate the return on a Vent-A-Hood product in your kitchen. You will
enjoy the durability, efficiency and simplicity of a Vent-A-Hood for years
to come-the patented Magic LungR blower system also provides the quietest
ventilation available and is the easiest to clean with its E-Z Clean tray.
If you are considering putting your home on the market, an investment on
the overall look and feel of your kitchen can often be a deciding factor
for new home buyers. So stop mulling over that spring fix-up and get
started on it-with Vent-A-Hood. You’ll know you made the right choice.

A day in the life…

A Day in the Life….

[Mandy Woodall, the daughter of Skip Woodall, CEO of Vent-A-Hood, takes a remarkable journey through the company her family established almost 80 years ago.  For someone who literally “grew up in the business,” a chance to attend Vent-A-Hood Training provides fresh insight for the goods and services that the company provides every day to customers across North America.]

I attended Vent-A-Hood Training on February 8th and 9th and I honestly felt that I walked out of the training session on February 9th having more knowledge and understanding of the cooking ventilation industry. The presenters in each area did an amazing job of explaining the cooking ventilation industry and how Vent-A-Hood fits into that industry with their nearly 80 year history in the field.

The training took place at Vent-A-Hood’s headquarters in Richardson, Texas. The class started out with a presentation of the history of the company by, Blake Woodall, vice president of Vent-A-Hood. After that came a lesson on the cooking ventilation industry in general terms with actual demonstrations. Then came the valuable information on products manufactured by Vent-A-Hood, beginning with how they work, what makes them different from range hoods from competitors, and most importantly how the patented Magic Lung blower system performs. At the end of the first day, I learned about the pricing of products, which dealers must understand to price a range hood from Vent-A-Hood for a customer. The second day of Vent-A-Hood Training started off with a tour of the Vent-A-Hood factory. The plant tour was lead by, David Stiles, the plant manager. David talked about the different steps a Vent-A-Hood range hood goes through — from being drawn on paper to becoming something tangible. This was my first official tour of the plant that I have literally grown up visiting throughout my life. The tour brought a lot of insight of how the product is made from the installation of the Magic Lung blower system to watching parts being painted. After the tour, the E-Z Clean system was discussed, showcasing how to clean a Vent-A-Hood. That was followed by a demonstration of how to get a scratch off a hood. At the end of the training session, Vent-A-Hood CEO Skip Woodall talked to the group about the Vent-A-Hood product, and you could see the passion he has for his work as well as for his Vent-A-Hood family.

Two days is all it took to give me a newfound appreciation for what my family has been doing for almost 80 years.  It was a novel idea back then. Just the thought of buying a product to take cooking air out of the home may have seemed a bit opulent decades ago. Thanks to perseverance and great engineering and design, I now see that Vent-A-Hood forged ahead to create an important industry. And that mission to do good with a great product and great design continues today. Lesson learned!

Vent-A-Hood Training School

Think you know all there is to know about cooking ventilation? Think again. Vent-A-Hood has been around for almost 80 years and is one of the leaders in the field. Having several family members employed at Vent-A-Hood, I attended the Vent-A-Hood training school last month, and had the Ah-ha moment. I was finally able to put together the details that I have literally heard all my life.

Vent-A-Hood holds regular two-day training sessions for dealers and distributors from September- May. Distributors send dealers through the program to learn more about the cooking ventilation industry. The training starts out with an overview of the cooking ventilation industry and the physics of cooking and venting regardless of the brand. Then, the discussion focuses on the history, engineering, design and manufacturing of products from Vent-A-Hood – showcasing how the pioneer of residential cooking ventilation has become an iconic brand with almost 80 years of experience in the field. In my next post I will focus on my experience in a day in the life at the Vent-A-Hood training school.