Month: April 2012

Mythbusters: louder does not mean better

In America it has often been said that bigger is better. Also it can  be said that if bigger is better then louder must also be better too. But not in the category of range hoods. Just take it from us. We’re whisper quite, and powerful too! Vent-A-Hood products are so quiet that with all four blowers on in your kitchen you are able to have a conversation. Watch this YouTube video and see for yourself.


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“Today’s Business Helping Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Photographed at the Vent-A-Hood presentation (L to R):

Gene Deluke, senior lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas; Shudong Jiang, student; Alan Howell, student; Elizabeth Pospick, chief financial officer at Vent-A-Hood; and Marie Sindhuja Tamby, student.

This week, the Board of Directors at Vent-A-Hood was proud to give an audience to a very special group of business students. As part of the Capstone Project in Supply Chain Management at The University of Texas at Dallas, Vent-A-Hood provided a real-world perspective of modern-day manufacturing to some incredibly talented individuals. By giving an inside look at supply chain management from orders to shipping at our company, students were able to apply classroom knowledge to actual situations in the business world. And we were very impressed with the vision they had for the future of our industry and the systems and efficiencies that will continue to propel our brand to new heights in the years ahead.

There is an app for that

In the past few years there has been a surge in applications for smart phones and tablets a like with every kind of app you can think of and more. In the fall, I wrote about the new Vent-A-Hood application for the iPad that has recently made its debut. To read my earlier post please click, here. Since I last posted the Vent-A-Hood application, otherwise known as the Vent-A-Hood app has been received well by distributors. The Vent-A-Hood app has aided our distributors in learning about our product. The Vent-A-Hood app also, helps our distributors to show customers all about Vent-A-Hood. The app has videos, sound test comparisons, price sheets and other information about our product. To see our app for yourself check with your local Vent-A-Hood dealer. To find a local dealer please check here.

Click here to view the iPad app: Vent-A-Hood iPad app