Month: August 2012

VAH Hall of Fame

At Vent-A-Hood we are proud of our employees and distributors for all of their hard work and dedication to our company. For almost 80 years, Vent-A-Hood has succeeded with their loyalty. A few years back Vent-A-Hood decided to come up with a unique way to honor our employees and distributors by establishing the Vent-A-Hood Hall of Fame. The program recognizes the people who have worked at Vent-A-Hood and represented our product line for 20 years or more. The recipients receive a gold ring or a pendent with a blue sapphire to indicate twenty years of service to the company, followed by a diamond to indicate each additional five years with our company for employees, or a plaque for distributors. The first awards were given in 2003 to everyone associated with Vent-A-Hood for 20 years or more. The distributors who have been given this honor are: VAH Marketing, Vent-A-Hood of Georgia, Shady Oak Distributing, and past-distributor Dynamic Distributors.

The Hall of Fame winners are:

20 plus years: James M. Lawler, Virginia Lee Reeder, Ed Gober, Sandy B. Stone, Patricia A. McNeal, Denver D. Andrews, Porter Hammer, Gladys R. Mills, Roger Apararicio, Jose Rodriguez.

25 plus years: Troy Lee Mills, Guy Mixon, Bob Norris, Jetta J. Thiot, Eddie G. Briggs, and Orlie J Dillehay

30 plus years: charles W. Osborne, Jake R. Smith, Vivia K. Witherspoon, Ernie Rodriguez, Blake E. Woodall, Blair P. Woodall, Leonara Kenny, and Frane jurick

35 plus years are: Cassie F. Deaton, James K. Woodall, Robert L. Andrews, Odis Cockerham, Willie S. Medelin, Frank Morris, and Frank Jurick

40 plus years: Milton O. Berry, William Miles Woodall III, and Charles R. Andrews

50 years plus: Miles Woodall, Junior

We are proud of everyone’s hard work, dedication and service. And we look forward to adding more employee names and distributor companies to our Hall of Fame as time goes on.


A piece of Vent-A-Hood History

60 years ago today

August 6,1952 was a typical 103 degree day in Dallas,Texas.  On that day, one of the largest fires of the year broke out  in the shipping department of Vent-A-hood.  Fortunately for employees, it occurred after the plant closed for the day.  Miles Woodall, junior was president of Vent-A-Hood. His son, Skip, current CEO, remembers that day from a 6 year old point of view. “I was standing behind the photographer when he took that picture. We got a phone call saying Dad was lost in the fire, so my mother rushed us to the scene. The fire marshall said my father was saved just before the photo was taken.” In 1961, Vent-A-Hood built a new office and factory in in Richardson, Texas.  A major addition to the factory was added in 2005.