Month: September 2012

“Miss Kitty enters the Vent-A-Hood Hall of Fame”

It was the perfect day for an ice cream social at the corporate headquarters of Vent-A-Hood recently. The sun produced a blistering 105 degrees outside, and cold ice cream sandwiches alongside creamy cupcakes seemed like the perfect treat.  But it was the guest of the hour who made the celebration one to remember long before the ice cream could melt.  Following an elaborate speech, it was official: Miss Kitty (a.k.a. Thelma), was formally inducted into the Vent-A-Hood Hall of Fame.  The honor, which is reserved for Vent-A-Hood employees who have been associated with the company for at least 20 years or more, was welcoming a four-legged friend.

“StarKist may have Charlie. But Vent-A-Hood has Miss Kitty,” said Blake Woodall, vice president of Vent-A-Hood, in tribute to the black cat who has grown into the role of company mascot and won the hearts of all she sees at work every day. Having been a resident of the Vent-A-Hood manufacturing plant for 20 years, Miss Kitty has spent a lifetime watching over the business, keeping critters away from the building, and standing guard (if not sleeping) by Plant Manager David Stile’s office door. She has weathered cold winters and boiling summers without a complaint much like the machinery that keeps humming along around her.  And now she joins a list of well-respected co-workers who have entered the Hall of Fame showcasing an incredible collective display of loyalty and dedication.

“Miss Kitty could be somewhere between 140 and 160 years old,” Blake added for her cat years.  Along the way, she has battled cancer and lived to meow about it. Her paws move a little slower these days, and she now goes home with a trusted fellow employee on weekends for a little TLC. If the weather gets too severe, only then will she take a vacation away from the plant. But on this special day, she welcomed everyone’s attention.

Like the name plate that now hangs on the Hall of Fame plaque, Miss Kitty is as dazzling as they come! Congratulations to this longtime member of the family.

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