Month: October 2012

What’s New for 2013

As we continue our distributor meeting in Denver, here are some of the hi-lights from today. As 2013 quickly approaches listed below are new things to be looking for in the coming months from Vent-A-Hood.

  • Look for the expanded Designer Series of modular components. Using several basic hood designs, a variety of finishes and trim options may be added to create a custom look. Have a tall ceiling? Duct covers may be added to allow for variable ceiling heights. This customer-friendly process will allow an individual to create a special look for their kitchen as well as control the cost.
  • New finishes and special colors such as rust, black carbide texture, and rust vein are now available with more to come.
  • A Vent-A-Hood website makeover, streamlined for easy navigation, is coming soon.
  • Need a hood immediately? Consult our new “quick-ship” catalog available early in 2013.

Rudy Rodriquez- Training Coordinator

Bob Seloff- Engineer

David Stiles- Plant Manager

  • Need to know about how we package products? What is make-up air? Who checks our hoods before they are shipped? Why go back to school at Vent-A-Hood University? These questions and more were addressed today by our team of professionals, David Stiles, Bob Seloff, and Rudy Rodriquez.
  • We value our distributors and their partnership throughout the years. We thank them for their presence today, their belief in us and their commitment to our products.

Vent-A-Hood Distributor Meeting 2012

Left to Right: Blake Woodall, Skip Woodall, Dick Baur, Vicki Baur, Cindy Baur, and John Baur

Vent-A-Hood distributors were welcomed this morning to the historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver by president and CEO, Miles Woodall III.  The annual seminar began with a presentation honoring Dick Baur, Meadowcreek Sales, for his 20 year association with Vent-A-Hood.  Dick was joined by his wife, Vicki, sister, Cindy and father,John as his fellow distributors congratulated him for receiving this award.

Sales achievement awards were presented to Pinnacle Express, Echelon and Sancor for their significant increase in sales this year. Display awards were given to Eastern Marketing, Pinnacle Express and Shady Oaks. Congratulations to all of our award winners.

Guest blogger,
Susie Woodall

The True Spirit of Texas

The State Fair of Texas ended on Sunday.  Gone were fried s’mores, fried pecan pie and Big Tex.  On October 19, an electrical short set the 52-foot iconic cowboy statue on fire.  But in true Texas fashion, Big Tex will return next year “better than ever” according to officials.

In the 1960’s, Vent-A-Hood exhibited products at the State Fair to a receptive audience of people from around the state, the nation and the world.  With this history, we are happy to know that Big Tex will be back for his 61st season welcoming visitors with his deep drawl and famous greeting “Howdy Folks!”

What makes Vent-A-Hood Unique


Vent-A-Hood has been in the kitchen and bath industry since 1933 and has almost 80 years of experience designing and manufacturing range hoods. The longevity that Vent-A-Hood has is part of what makes our company so unique and sets us apart from others in our field. Another aspect that makes Vent-A-Hood unique is that we are a family-owned and run business currently in its third generation. With that comes experience in knowing and understanding our field, handed down from one generation to the next. And today, with the passion of our CEO, Skip Woodall, the goal remains to manufacture an unparalleled product. To make that happen, we count on an ever-growing Vent-A-Hood family that includes employees who have been with us for decades. And altogether, that makes Vent-A-Hood a name that continues to endure. For Vent-A-Hood, being unique isn’t about being new or creating a fad. Rather, it is being a pioneer and champion for our industry and leading the way.

Time Flies When It Works The Best

When you’ve been in business for almost 80 years, you’re track record speaks volumes. That’s how we feel at Vent-A-Hood. Our history, our brand name, our legacy, and the many customers that we’ve served over the decades are proof that we’ve mastered something. We know ventilation. We’ve pioneered an industry. And every now and then, our customers remind us how that focus has paid off in what they use in their homes every day. We’ll get a letter or an email, a tweet or a Facebook post, and the stories we hear are a trip down memory lane and a look at our very bright future at the same time.  Our products have staying power. Our products continue to perform. And Vent-A-Hood has built a reputation in manufacturing that continues to endure. Today, on our Facebook page, was a great example. A customer sent the following post.

“I’ve been a VAH owner for over 25 years, the same unit, dual blower with an antique Ski slope profile, visualize that. Our family does a fair amount of Caribbean cooking and the VAH does what it was built for. Our neighbours enjoy the smells that emanate from our kitchen and have mentioned it. Maintenance is simple and should be done on a regular schedule, say quarterly. I do my own repairs which are very rare. I’ve had to change the motors and turbines, the fluorescent tube. This is normal over the 25 year period of wear and tear. I consider VAH the quietest hood out there. I know because I’ve been installing appliances for as long as I’ve owned my VAH and I’m always comparing…”

National Fire Prevention Week

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In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, we would like to put the spotlight on the Vent-A-Hood Magic Lung. It’s an award-winning  piece of engineering that has been a mainstay of our manufacturing prowess throughout the decades. And now, almost 80 years since our founding, the Magic Lung remains one of the most critical features of effective ventilation for all of us at Vent-A-Hood.

Yes, the Magic Lung helps make our range hoods among the quietest on the market when operating at full capacity. Yes, the Magic Lung helps make our hoods some of the easiest to clean. And, yes, those things are important because we must address these features regularly in our everyday lives and the cooking that we do. But one of the most important aspects to the Magic Lung is what goes unseen: the fire resistant features that should be top of mind to anyone looking to protect their single biggest asset, their home.

House fires lead the nation in the loss of life, property and monetary damages. And the leading cause of all residential fires comes from cooking. To be exact, some 28 percent of all house fires are traced back to the kitchen and, most often, unattended cooking where the source of the fire originates.

But the Magic Lung has an incomparable ability to separate cooking contaminants and collect grease in the E-Z Clean tray, allowing ductwork traveling to the outside of the home to function at capacity. Acting as a centrifuge, this design impacts the efficiency of the hood, the effectiveness of the CFM to move air, the whisper-quiet technology of the sound output, and the overall peace of mind for the homeowner. Instead of allowing combustibles to coat ductwork and act as an enhancer for a grease fire to spread rapidly throughout a home, the Magic Lung captures and separates those contaminants to be disposed of properly.  (Watch the video here:

We take great pride in the form and function of the patented Magic Lung with Sensasource that increases or decreases power to accommodate the heat level coming from the cooking surface. Technology in our own lab has proven the effectiveness of the Magic Lung. But that’s nothing compared to the letters we’ve received from customers over the years about the cooking fires that were extinguished with the help of the Magic Lung.

So, while consumers shop for a range hood and ask questions like: How loud is it? How hard is it to clean? They might also want to ask : How safe is it? To read more about the Magic Lung, visit us online at