Month: February 2013

1933: A Monumental Year

There was a bold spirit taking hold across America in 1933. And the origins of a new company in Texas named Vent-A-Hood entered the scene.  Here’s a look at this year in history when Vent-A-Hood was established:
  • Construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • FDR was elected president and declared: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
  • The magazine, Esquire, was founded
  • The first minimum wage law was established to pay 25 cents per hour
  • The New York Giants won the World Series
  • Prohibition ended
  • The price of a U.S. first-class stamp was 3 cents
  • The board game “Monopoly” was invented
  • US and Canada dropped the Gold Standard
  • The year delivered many memorable things

The entrepreneurial idea to bring the indoor range hood to the masses was among them. Vent-A-Hood took on an important task to educate consumers on the need and the ability to effectively ventilate cooking contaminants from the kitchen. It was seen as an extravagance at first, but the idea took hold and the Vent-A-Hood name won a large following. Today, as the company marks its 80th anniversary, we salute a generation of determination and the many loyal people who have followed and improved on a great thing.