Month: October 2013

National Fire Prevention Month

          Did you know cooking related fires cause up to 90 percent of kitchen fires? It is even more shocking to know that most of those fires are caused by grease, one of the most damaging types of fires to a home. This October is National Fire Prevention Month and a great time to educate consumers on the true “magic” in a Vent-A-Hood product – the signature Magic Lung blower, to be exact.
           Our Magic Lung technology combines sufficient air pressure and constant speed with centrifugal filtration to provide a safe and efficient way to remove kitchen pollutants and to prevent fires in the home. The Magic Lung liquefies grease vapors eliminating almost any build up to provide peace of mind for homeowners while they cook up their favorite recipes.
For more information, watch this video on our Vent-A-Hood Magic Lung




October Edition: From the Vent-A-Hood Vault

Check out the link below for a fun photo found in our vault. This photo is of Mrs. Jetta Jerrall Thiot showing off factory life in the early years of Vent-A-Hood’s current headquarters in Richardson, Texas.

Vent-A-Hood Vault

Big Tex is Back

Last year I wrote a post about The Texas State fair and the impact that Big Tex has had on Texas and Vent-A-Hood, whose headquarters is based in North Texas. Please click here to read that post. Well, we are so excited to say that Big Tex is back better, and taller than ever to continue to entertain and greet all those with a big “Howdy Folks”.