Month: March 2014

Press Release: Spring Remodeling Tips: The Three Things to Know When Buying a Range Hood

RICHARDSON, Texas – March 18, 2014 – Spring is here and many people are planning renovations inside their homes. For some, this involves the installation of a new range hood. Millions of range hoods are manufactured each year, and most consumers do not understand canopy size, venting power or installation heights when it comes to buying the right hood for their kitchen. According to the experts at Vent-A-Hood, the oldest manufacturers of range hoods in America, the process of selecting and installing a range hood in a kitchen involves three important steps.

“Range hoods don’t just slide into place like refrigerators or dishwashers,” says William Miles Woodall, III, the CEO of Vent-A-Hood.  “Consumers should know a few things before making a purchase if they want the air in their kitchens to be clean and clear.”

To better understand the air up there, Vent-A-Hood offers these three guidelines when buying a range hood.

  1. Canopy Size/Capture Space – A range hood should cover most, if not all, of the cooking surface and should have a deep canopy to capture the most heat, steam, smoke and odors rising from the surface.  Vent-A-Hood recommends that the hood also extend three inches wider than each side of the range.
  1. Venting Power – Range hoods are measured by CFM (cubic feet per minute) of venting power, such as 300, 600 or 1200 CFM.  Make sure your hood is recommended to correlate with the BTUs from your cooking surface.  A commercial gas range requires higher CFM than an electric four-burner range.
  1. Installation Height – The lower, the better.  Install a hood at the lowest height recommended by the manufacturer to ensure maximum efficiency of its venting power.  Traditionally, this is 27-30 inches above the range.

About Vent-A-Hood:

Founded in 1933, Vent-A-Hood, based in Richardson, Texas, is the oldest manufacturer of residential range hoods in America.  Each product manufactured by Vent-A-Hood is individually engineered for performance in addition to style.  Vent-A-Hood products are sold in all 50 states as well as Canada.  For more information, please visit  You can also follow Vent-A-Hood on Facebook.

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