Month: March 2015

Range Hoods and Capture Space

Vent-A-Hood has been manufacturing range hoods for more than 80 years. In that time, designs have changed along with kitchen trends. Popular paint colors have changed, finishes have changed, and options and add-ons have changed. But one thing has remained consistent for all of the years we have manufactured range hoods.

Every range hood from Vent-A-Hood includes a lot of capture space. That means that our range hood canopies are open and deep. They cover and extend beyond the full cooking surface. And our products will never lower design standards to include passing fads like downdraft designs or flat panels that hover overhead.

Why? Because the laws of physics dictate that heat rises. It moves up and out.

That demands a range hood with significant capture space to offer the most effective and efficient cooking ventilation. If a range hood is too narrow, heat, steam and cooking odors can escape around the edges and into the room. If the range hood is flat, it acts as an added barrier rather than a pathway to the blower and ductwork that leads to the outside of the home. And for downdraft designs, there is no motor 100% strong enough to change the laws of physics and move heat, steam and grease downwards in the opposite direction.

Consumers who have sticky kitchen cabinets know all of this when the grease and cooking contaminants that don’t make it into the range hood leave a nice film on the walls instead. The answer for effective cooking ventilation has always been and will always be a quality range hood with significant capture space. And Vent-A-Hood remains loyal to a proven design feature with eight decades of history and counting.