Cooking for Dads meets Vent-A-Hood


With over 15k subscribers and 5 million views, Rob Barrett Jr. has been sharing his cooking secrets with the fatherhood community for over a decade on his YouTube channel, “Cooking for Dads.”

Barrett is a busy husband and father and also a full-time music production teacher at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. And his idea for the show was easy: “I wanted to help fellow dads and other visual learners cook easy meals for the whole family,” he says about his reasoning for beginning the channel. “I had the idea of creating video recipes rather than written ones.”

Barrett recently embarked on a kitchen remodel as a summer project (done all by himself) and chose to upgrade his vintage Vent-A-Hood to a classic yet timeless Vent-A-Hood stainless steel design. Barrett confesses he didn’t really know much about Vent-A-Hood when they bought the house in 1998, but now he says he isn’t quite sure how people cook without one.

“My Vent-A-Hood is essential when cooking or frying so that the house isn’t filled with smoke and fumes,” Barrett continues.

The renovations are almost done, and the YouTube star can’t wait to put his new kitchen and Vent-A-Hood range to work. Be sure to check out his channel for easy and delicious recipes and plan your own kitchen remodel with inspiration from Vent-A-Hood.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.13.15 PM    rob



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