National Fire Prevention Month

October is National Fire Prevention Month and a great time to remind people about the features of the Magic Lung centrifugal blower in Vent-A-Hood products! Sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Fire Prevention Month has roots that date back to The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 that killed more than 250 people and left more than 100,000 homeless. And today, the kitchen remains the #1 hot spot where cooking equipment accounts for 40% of residential fires each year.

At Vent-A-Hood, product performance and fire safety remain top priorities. And the proprietary function of our signature patented Magic Lung blower continues to lead the industry as the only residential ventilation system on the market today that prevents fire from spreading to the rest of the home.  For more about the efficiency, power and fire-safe performance of the Magic Lung, visit us online at

Here’s to safe and happy cooking in your kitchen!


Vent-A-Hood’s 2014 North Texas Scholarship Recipients

Vent-A-Hood, the company that created the modern residential range hood, recently announced the recipients of the 2014 – 2015 Vent-A-Hood Scholarship Fund. The seven students are graduates of North Texas high schools and each received a one-year scholarship in the amount of $2,000.

Since starting the program in 2000, Vent-A-Hood has awarded more than 100 scholarships to outstanding North Texas students as they pursue their higher education.

“Vent-A-Hood congratulates these hard working students and wishes them continued success as they pursue and achieve their educational goals,” said Skip Woodall, CEO of Vent-A-Hood.

The 2014-2015 Vent-A-Hood Scholarship recipients include:

  • Kylie Leeper, freshman, attending Auburn University
  • Rafael Serrano, sophomore, attending the University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Marisol Rodriguez, freshman, undecided
  • Lauren Wells, sophomore, attending the University of Oklahoma
  • Denise Mata, senior, attending Texas Tech University Health Science Center
  • Carlos Andaluz, freshman, undecided
  • Erica Gonzalez, junior, attending Texas Woman’s University

All scholarship recipients are children of Vent-A-Hood employees.

About Vent-A-Hood:

Founded in 1933, Vent-A-Hood, based in Richardson, Texas, is the oldest manufacturer of residential range hoods in America. Each product manufactured by Vent-A-Hood is individually engineered for performance in addition to style. Vent-A-Hood products are sold in all 50 states as well as Canada. For more information, please visit You can also follow Vent-A-Hood on Facebook at, linkedIn at and Twitter at @ventahood_co.


Fighting Pollution

The New York Times posted a blog on July 22 that was music to our ears. It said what we know to be true in our own tests at Vent-A-Hood about the need for good kitchen ventilation. And we’re hoping that the headline of the Healthy Consumer column resonated with thousands of readers. Range hoods are serious business!

 The title of the story was a warning in itself: “The Kitchen as a Pollution Hazard.” You see, those wonderful aromas from your kitchen don’t come without possible consequences. As the article said, people who cook in the kitchen are engaging in an act of ‘controlled combustion.’ More exactly:

 …frying, grilling or toasting foods with gas and electric appliances creates particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds.

 (All hail The New York Times. This is very true. Read the full blog here:

 And this underscores the need for an effective range hood. But we’ll let The New York Times and a study mentioned in the article do the talking for us. Yes, you need that range hood to ventilate to the outside of the home. And, despite a lack of regulations for this industry, you need to know what is GOOD ventilation. We couldn’t agree more.

 That’s why the air quality engineering study of a variety of range hoods at Berkeley Lab mentioned in the article was a bonus to this whole message. The study found ventilations standards to run the gamut from low to high efficiency. And, lo’ and behold, the Vent-A-Hood range hood came out on top. (See the study here:

 In our constant goal to educate consumers about the effectiveness of good kitchen ventilation – beyond the pretty canopies with the fancy options which we manufacture with pride — there’s a function that cannot be missed. The function to rid your home of cooking contaminants. We say it all the time. It’s just wonderful to see The New York Times say it too!


May Edition: from the Vent-A-Hood Vault

As we celebrate our 80th year at Vent-A-Hood, every company record achieved to get here has added meaning.  Today, people from all 50 states and Canada can purchase a Vent-A-Hood, and many are sold. Check out this clipping straight from the Vent-A-Hood vault showing the 10,000th Vent-A-Hood to be sold.


National Fire Prevention Week

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In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, we would like to put the spotlight on the Vent-A-Hood Magic Lung. It’s an award-winning  piece of engineering that has been a mainstay of our manufacturing prowess throughout the decades. And now, almost 80 years since our founding, the Magic Lung remains one of the most critical features of effective ventilation for all of us at Vent-A-Hood.

Yes, the Magic Lung helps make our range hoods among the quietest on the market when operating at full capacity. Yes, the Magic Lung helps make our hoods some of the easiest to clean. And, yes, those things are important because we must address these features regularly in our everyday lives and the cooking that we do. But one of the most important aspects to the Magic Lung is what goes unseen: the fire resistant features that should be top of mind to anyone looking to protect their single biggest asset, their home.

House fires lead the nation in the loss of life, property and monetary damages. And the leading cause of all residential fires comes from cooking. To be exact, some 28 percent of all house fires are traced back to the kitchen and, most often, unattended cooking where the source of the fire originates.

But the Magic Lung has an incomparable ability to separate cooking contaminants and collect grease in the E-Z Clean tray, allowing ductwork traveling to the outside of the home to function at capacity. Acting as a centrifuge, this design impacts the efficiency of the hood, the effectiveness of the CFM to move air, the whisper-quiet technology of the sound output, and the overall peace of mind for the homeowner. Instead of allowing combustibles to coat ductwork and act as an enhancer for a grease fire to spread rapidly throughout a home, the Magic Lung captures and separates those contaminants to be disposed of properly.  (Watch the video here:

We take great pride in the form and function of the patented Magic Lung with Sensasource that increases or decreases power to accommodate the heat level coming from the cooking surface. Technology in our own lab has proven the effectiveness of the Magic Lung. But that’s nothing compared to the letters we’ve received from customers over the years about the cooking fires that were extinguished with the help of the Magic Lung.

So, while consumers shop for a range hood and ask questions like: How loud is it? How hard is it to clean? They might also want to ask : How safe is it? To read more about the Magic Lung, visit us online at


“Today’s Business Helping Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Photographed at the Vent-A-Hood presentation (L to R):

Gene Deluke, senior lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas; Shudong Jiang, student; Alan Howell, student; Elizabeth Pospick, chief financial officer at Vent-A-Hood; and Marie Sindhuja Tamby, student.

This week, the Board of Directors at Vent-A-Hood was proud to give an audience to a very special group of business students. As part of the Capstone Project in Supply Chain Management at The University of Texas at Dallas, Vent-A-Hood provided a real-world perspective of modern-day manufacturing to some incredibly talented individuals. By giving an inside look at supply chain management from orders to shipping at our company, students were able to apply classroom knowledge to actual situations in the business world. And we were very impressed with the vision they had for the future of our industry and the systems and efficiencies that will continue to propel our brand to new heights in the years ahead.